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[Next-Generations] Genderbender :iconlulu597:Lulu597 9 3 [HotM] Kodak Point/RP Tracker :iconlulu597:Lulu597 4 3 [HotM App] Kodak :iconlulu597:Lulu597 3 3
[DivineIslesRPG] Bluejay Assist
    Gatsby was strolling peacefully through the forest when the young stallion felt a soft THUMP near his rear. The feeling surprised the mustang, and he quickly whipped his head back to look at the cause, his brown eyes softening at the sight. Sitting on his palomino coat is a young bluejay, of which, based upon expression, seems rather confused. The young stallion couldn't help but feel a deep twinge of pity for the young creature as he rather helplessly perched upon his rump with a beak gesturing towards a large tree. It takes a few points before Gatsby gets the message to look at the tree, the stallion's brown eyes following the small dark eyes of the fledging to a large brown twig nest sitting on a thick branch. 
    The mustang does not have to guess at where the bluejay came from upon sight of the nest, however it does take him a few guesses to determine that the young bird wanted his help. Gatsby however was not quite sure if he could offer it. While th
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[DivineIslesRPG] It's a Wild Wild World
    The palomino Mustang tiredly flicked his tail behind him as he continued his ever slowing gait, the stallion's strong legs growing weaker with every passing step. It felt like the young horse had been traveling forever, though the timeframe was anything but. The weather did not help upon this journey, the scorching sun lying heavy atop his back from the moment he wandered onto the plains. As he continued to walk, searching for someplace safe and guarded enough to rest, Gatsby couldn't help but allow his curious mind to wander. It had been only a few days since he had set out on his own, having left his parent's herd to start his own, the young stallion hoping to make his own name for himself, rather than live forever in the shadow of others. The idea of setting out alone to make it big seemed very appealing at first, however as the sun blazed down upon his coat, and his legs longed for a break, the appeal had rather worn off.
    Despite the now, negative connot
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[Lead Stallion] Gatsby :iconlulu597:Lulu597 2 8 [Art Payment] @Kogalover4ever :iconlulu597:Lulu597 2 0 [Design Payment] @firedragoran :iconlulu597:Lulu597 1 0
[Innola] Indiana Innola
    "So why do you think..Crater..sent us off to go Spelunking?" Iliad asked, letting his thoughts develop as sentences, the newly discovered name of his rider still uncomfortable on the tongue.
    The words spoken by the spined Innola echoed throughout the large and seemingly empty cave, rattling back several times to hit Inferno, the maned Innola being the only other visible living creature within the cave. As the words hit him, Inferno, couldn't help but ask himself the same question. The mannerism of their rider, of whom they had recently discovered, or rather, been told, the identity of, had been off that morning. His request for them to go cave-exploring throughout the afternoon had also been rather odd, especially considering neither Innola had explored a cave before. Neither Innola had ever really wanted to go cave exploring, both much more content out in the open forests, rather than the cramped darkness of a cave. Regardless, Crater had sent the two Innol
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End-It-Movement-2017 :iconlulu597:Lulu597 1 0 Young Tendu, Shai, Kito :iconlulu597:Lulu597 2 0 Young Kianga :iconlulu597:Lulu597 4 0 Grown-Up Fynn :iconlulu597:Lulu597 0 3 Young Fynn :iconlulu597:Lulu597 1 3 NorthLandPride Cub Adopts :iconlulu597:Lulu597 2 13
[Innola] Flames of Truth
    It was a dark and rainy night, Inferno, Iliad, and their mysterious rider all curled up next to the small and flickering flame of a fire. The Innola were using themselves and the trees to protect the small bundle of warmth from the everlasting raindrops, becoming quite soaked themselves, in the process. Their mysterious rider sat leaning close to the fire, the flame almost licking their cloak. The rider had been more unusual than typical that day, all of which had started that morning when the rider grabbed a piece of paper that had been nailed onto a tree. Neither Innola knew what the paper said or why it was significant, but from that point on, the rider had been especially behaving odd, and both Innola were too smart not to put the two events together. Despite that, neither Innola felt that they could ask what was going on, partially because the rider wouldn't be able to understand them, the other part being that they had come to a point where they believed their compa
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Kain Ironguard :icongeorge3222:george3222 10 4 Marks of the past - Page 16 :iconirete:Irete 117 65 Bridesmaids :iconprincess-icicles:Princess-Icicles 9 91 UT: 'Come on out, Grillby dear..' :iconloumun-versen:Loumun-Versen 43 24
Chapter 1 - The Level System
Paralogos, as creatures themselves, are the most complex form of life - on our world at least.
We -as simple human beings- do not know much about them. In fact, we know much less about them than they know about us!
The only thing we understand for certain is that individuals seem to "claim" exactly one term, which guides their development, both externally and internally. These terms seem to be not limited to any one certain language.
There is reason to believe that before that point, these creatures can be called tabula rasa, blank slates.
This shall be our starting point from which we'll start to explore and understand the Paralogos in their entirety, if our work is done well.
Perhaps the best way to attempt this project is to attempt to categorize the many forms these creatures seem to display.  
As their most unique feature is their chosen word, we've decided to classify them through considering the respective "concreteness" of the term. The highest levels of this system relate
:iconparalogosdictionary:ParalogosDictionary 4 9
Para-Palooza MYO Contest

With the updating of our Species Sheet, as shown above, we wanted to welcome new Para-owners into the group!
The sheet above has some quick do's and don'ts, but you should click on it to be brought to a fuller description.
You will have the chance to create (and then win) your own Paralogos design with this event!
You need to be a member of the group to participate. =) 
Aka, the rules are as follows:

1. Pick a Level 1-3 word to work with. The level descriptions are here: Chapter 1 - The Level System 
- It cannot be a word already used-- check LogosLibrary or this list to make sure your choice hasn't already been made!
Please ask us about the banned word list if you're worried about a word being approv
:iconparalogosdictionary:ParalogosDictionary 5 16
Matthew Crawley's Potrait #2 :iconkyrarah:Kyrarah 74 13 Beauty and the Beast 2017 :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,389 63 Dan Stevens is Beast :iconsimonpovey:SimonPovey 116 21 Bear :iconphylet:phylet 293 23 Bear Shaman :iconindigobear:IndigoBear 153 23 Bear :iconiskra85:iskra85 1,238 122 Bear :iconsandara:sandara 5,427 209 Beauty and the Beast Shoes :iconwenuwishuponastar:wenuwishuponastar 763 159 Beauty and the Beast Bookmark :iconachen089:Achen089 1,758 75 Beauty and the Beast :iconphotia:Photia 1,253 155



Saw Beauty and the Beast again today! Love that movie so much!
[Next-Generations] Genderbender
Decided to try my hand at genderbending my :iconnext-generations: Characters

Discord becomes Discordess
Marley Danvers becomes Matthew Danvers
Henry Allen becomes Heather Allen
Leon Luther becomes Laila Luthor
Lainie Luthor becomes Landon Luthor
Saw Beauty and the Beast Last Night! OMG!! SO AMAZING!! LOVE THAT MOVIE SO SO MUCH!!!

It is begrudgingly that I have to put some of my DracoStryx imports and genos up for sale. For anyone wondering why, I simply do not have the time to give these pretties the attention and love they deserve. That said, I will not be selling all of my DracoStryx, as I'm not quitting DracoStryx completely, more so taking a step back and thinning the hoard. 

Bullet; Black Please note that all prices are negotiable, however I will sell these pretties for much less than they are worth
Bullet; Black USD offers take priority


Hunter 4946 X Serenity 978
 Male - Common Hawk
Crepuscular - Healthy
Snow Pangare with Crescent
Asking- $20 or 4 Activity Entries with 3 Innola/Tokotas

Dissonance 4595 x Taima 1789
Male - Common Tyto
Nocturnal - Healthy
Nox with Crescent
Asking- $10 or 2 Activity Entries with 3 Innola/Tokotas

Big Daddy 1303 X Lil Momma 3415 
Male - Common Harpia

Crepuscular - Healthy
Asking- $10 or 2 Activity Entries with 3 Innola/Tokotas 

Wendigo 5959 X Freyja 5950
Female - Common Gryph
Crepuscular - Healthy
Asking- $5 or 1 Activity Entry with 3 Innola/Tokotas

Ares 4716 X Cassiopeia 4256
Male - Common Gryph
Diurnal - Healthy
Asking- $5 or 1 Activity Entry with 3 Innola/Tokotas

Thallium 5005 by EyeOfGalyx
Asking- $5 or 1 Activity Entry with 3 Innola/Tokotas


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I am a teenage girl who is a huge fan of Galavant, Hamilton, Frozen, Disney, Wicked, Into The Woods, Legally Blonde, Musical Theatre, Once Upon a Time, Captain America, How To Train Your Dragon(1 & 2), Warrior Cats, and Hunger Games(All the books and movies)! In case you couldn't tell from my icon and favorites, my favorite princess is the adorkable Anna! Send me a message if you wanna chat! Call me Lulu597! :strong: :popcorn: :love: Sometimes It Is Better To Remember... by KaidahTheDragon The Fault in Our Stars by izoochoo The Fault In Our Stars Stamp by Mockingjayflame Okay. by Fluffydragonpuppy FREE Mini Toothless Doll by YokoKinawa Broadway stamp by aftersunsets Musical Theatre by SpongeBobSchwamKopf [PC icon] Blitz by GoldenNove


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